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Yancey County has numerous legacy manufacturing firms, including Glen Raven Technical Fabrics, 74 years in continuous operation in Yancey County.


Yancey County has a long history of agricultural production which has evolved from its agrarian roots in 1833 to state-of-the art hydroponic greenhouse production.


Yancey County has a long history of mining operations, evolving from early small operations to currently providing processing and export of the highest grade feldspar and purified quartz worldwide.

The only thing more refreshing than the mountain air in Yancey County is the attitude of its people. “We Want To Work For You” is the attitude that prevails among strong and enthusiastic work force. Productivity is not a forgotten word in this charming environment.  One of the greatest assets is our people! Strong work ethic of employees helps industries prosper and grow!

The outstanding quality of life experienced by Yancey County’s residents leads to an energetic, motivated workforce. A wide variety of educational opportunities and training resources means that this workforce is equipped to handle jobs in various industries.


113 Green Mountain Drive, Suite B P.O. Box 246 Burnsville, NC

Office number: +1 (828) 682-7722