Our Initiatives

YCEDC efforts are focused on the following four initiatives identified as important in the role of supporting and retaining local businesses and attracting and recruiting new business and entrepreneurs. Committees have been formed to support each of these initiatives and move them forward with participation of the YCEDC.

Mentoring Committee

  • Collaborate with Mayland Community College to expand the current business advisory resources and services. Establish a database of volunteers, including retirees who have the experience, knowledge and desire to mentor local entrepreneurs.

Networking & Marketing Committee

  • Create and host quarterly networking forums for local business owners. These events will offer programs that provide information and tools of interest and opportunities for networking and sharing.

Youth Engagement Committee

  • Collaborate with Yancey County Schools and youth based organizations to expand entrepreneurial learning opportunities for students.

Investment Committee

  • Explore small business funding opportunities and ensure a variety of funding options available for existing and aspiring local entrepreneurs.

Guiding Principles


  • To support and promote local and regional entrepreneurial and small business development, while preserving the community, natural beauty and heritage of Yancey County.


  • Recognize the importance of the future economic competitiveness and livability of Yancey County and the region, the future prosperity will depend upon offering the best mix of economic vitality and lifestyle amenities to attract and retain its most valuable resource – its people. Yancey County will create and nurture a culture for entrepreneurial development, which will enable natives to live and work in Yancey County while providing opportunities for new investors.


  • Create a competitive business climate
  • Invest in infrastructure that creates economic development
  • Maintain a high quality of life that attracts and retains talented entrepreneurs
  • Promote regional collaboration for economic growth
  • Lead in sustainability practices, balancing social, environmental and economic considerations for the benefit of both residents and business